The Novotel Monte-Carlo Gets Ready for St. Patrick's Day

To mark this Irish festival, the hotel is showcasing the most famous Irish beer, as well as Monaco beer

Throughout March 2014, Guinness and Monaco Beer will take pride of place at the Novotel Monte-Carlo.

Monaco Beer (Bière de Monaco) is a Monegasque beer from Monaco's brewery, La Brasserie de Monaco, which was founded in 1905 at the initiative of HSH Prince Albert I, on his own land.  The old brewery closed in 1972 and reopened in 2008.  This finely hopped, low-fermentation Pils-style light beer is highly traditional and has been specially prepared, drawing on the skills and knowledge of the Master Brewer and the old Brewery.

Guinness is both a brand of beer and an Irish brewery.  Founded in 1759, it has become an international business.  It acquired the Distillers Company in 1986, a Scottish group that includes whisky brands Johnnie Walker, Ballantine's and Chivas Regal.  Guinness is a "stout," a dark beer topped with a white head.  It is known all over the world for its taste and characteristic appearance.  Guinness has strong links with the history of Ireland and is recognised as a symbol of Ireland all over the world.