A New Site for Diving and Scientific Studies in Monaco's Territorial Waters

A very special sub-aquatic adventure directed and coordinated by Pierre Frolla, four-time world freediving record holder

Freediver Pierre Frolla has just carried out an inaugural dive to the wreck of Le Toulonnais, at the foot of the Oceanographic Museum.  Le Toulonnais has been converted and will become "a reef for the future."

In late March, the wreck of the tug boat Le Toulonnais, submerged 30 metres deep in the Port of Monaco since 1991, was moved within Monaco's territorial waters to the foot of the Oceanographic Museum, at a depth of 30 metres, to create an artificial underwater reef for divers, scientists, professional fishermen and future generations.

Le Toulonnais will make it possible to concentrate and protect a wealth of fauna and flora in an area where there is currently no life.  Among the species expected to colonise the reef are the brown grouper, great barracuda, barracuda, conger and moray eels, sponges, lobsters, octopus and coral.

The main aim is to offer future generations a prime site for observation and for raising awareness of Mediterranean fauna and flora, and to enable sedentary species to find a permanent home.

This reef in the form of a boat will become a very special and unique place in the region as a diving site, a base for scientific observation and a habitat for fish.