Monaco's New Yacht Club - A Futuristic Building for 2010

Publication date: 27/04/2010
The course is set for a new club house - the new yacht club will be ready in 2010 below the Thermes Marins thermal spa.

Monaco's new Yacht Club will be situated opposite the current club house on the other side of the port, below Monaco's Thermes Marins.  Work began on the new club house in 2008.

As sleek as the liners that linked England with America at the beginning of the 20th century and designed to accommodate the largest yachts, this building will provide amateur and professional sailors with a convivial and functional meeting place of high architectural quality, which will contribute to Port Hercule's lively atmosphere and bring prestige to the Principality.  "It’s the flagship building of the extension to the Port - a project that symbolises the renewal of the facilities in our port, which aims to revitalise this important area of our city.  It's Monaco concentrated in the heart of Monaco!" stated Gilles Tonelli, Government Counsellor for Facilities, the Environment and Town Planning.  He added that "The Foster practice has succeeded in creating a synthesis of everything the Principality represents - sea, sport, luxury, culture and sustainable development."

Out of a total surface area of 18,000 m², the Yacht Club premises will occupy around 5,000 m²;  the complex, which will be a real focus for nautical activities, will include numerous other spaces, such as an exhibition room, the Nautical Society and the Sporting Section of Monaco Yacht Club for Young People and Adults.

A restaurant will also be available for club members, as in the current building, along with new features such as a terrace, a swimming pool, a car park and five cabins for stopovers for important guests.

The work has been undertaken by Lord Norman Foster's architectural practice, in collaboration with the Monegasque architect Alexandre Giraldi, under the supervision of the Department of Public Works.  Designed to be both aesthetic and at the cutting edge of technology, its construction adheres to Haute Qualité Environnementale HQE® (High Environmental Quality) standards (with a site that creates as little nuisance as possible, energy and water management, hygro-thermal, acoustic and visual comfort, water quality, etc.)

This ambitious, symbolic project will be a wonderful showcase for Monaco in the third Millennium.