9th Monaco Plage Propre campaign

Publication date: 12/07/2018
For nine years, Monaco City Hall, the Société Monégasque d’Assainissement and the Tourist Authority have been joining forces to promote the Monaco Plage Propre campaign to clean up the country's beaches.

Every summer, conical ashtrays for use on the beach are made available free of charge, giving smokers somewhere to put their cigarette butts and everyone else a place to dispose of other small items of rubbish, such as used chewing gum.

Distribution points have been set up at each of the entrances to Larvotto Beach, and the Société Monégasque d’Assainissement (SMA) fills them with ashtrays every morning . Members of the public can pick up an ashtray to keep or return it to the distribution point after use, so that it can be cleaned by SMA during the evening.

Fact: 10,000 conical ashtrays will be handed out at Larvotto Beach this summer  

Although the overall objective – raising smokers' awareness of the need to keep beaches clean and maintain their quality – has remained unchanged since the campaign was first introduced, improvements have been made over the years.


Since last year, for example, portable ashtrays have been available in the Solarium area, another spot which is extremely popular with bathers. 
Like last year, the young summer hostesses employed by the Tourist Authority will once again be regularly out and about on Larvotto Beach to chat to the public, raise awareness among smokers, and provide more information about the campaign.

This year, the Monaco Plage Propre 2018 campaign began on 30 June and will conclude on 2 September.

Innovations for 2018 include the availability on request of portable ashtrays at the various Tourist Authority offices in the city, as well as the installation of three distribution points in the Solarium area.

This year, the Government has established a no-smoking zone on Larvotto Beach. It is located by the third sea wall.

Ashtrays are available at Larvotto Beach, the Solarium area and from Tourist Office information points.