Monaco & the Ocean, From Exploration to Protection

Publication date: 09/07/2018
A new visitor experience to check out from 14 July at the Oceanographic Museum!

Monaco & the Ocean " is taking over the first floor of the Oceanographic Museum with a space of 700m2 dedicated to the commitment of the Princes of Monaco to protecting the marine world.

With its modern, immersive and interactive staging, this new space aims to raise awareness, engaging as many people as possible in efforts to protect the oceans.

Based around a 27-metre-long ship, “Monaco and the Ocean” covers more than 100 years of history and invites visitors on a voyage through time alongside sovereigns conscious of and engaged in tackling the major issues of their day: Albert I, Rainier III and H.S.H. Prince Albert II.

In the space of their three reigns, our view of the oceans has changed, as has our understanding. In this exhibition, visitors will discover the Principality’s unique and special relationship with the marine world...

An immersive, digital, engaging experience!

  • Collaborative games allowing up to 20 people to work together on the current issues facing the oceans
  • Hands-on experiments: try out stereoscopic photography, fly weather satellites, collect sediment samples…
  • Digital displays: optical theatre, LCD screens, interactive whiteboard, touchscreens…

By engaging with the experiences on offer, visitors will already be making progress, with their hands as well as with their minds. It’s a first step towards creating a true community of ambassadors who can build a better future for the oceans together!