The Principality of Monaco Souvenir Passport

Publication date: 14/02/2020
Since 2020, souvenir passports have been available from all tourist information points in the Principality. You can have these passports stamped completely legally, with no risk of invalidating your official document. 

Who doesn't enjoy having their passport stamped in the different countries they visit? A passport filled with stamps is a memory in itself, telling the story of our travels.

The staff at the Tourism Office are unfortunately not able to stamp your official documents, as this could result in your passport becoming invalid and causing problems for your journey home.

To ensure you are able to take a little souvenir of Monaco home with you, the Tourist and Convention Authority has created a special "souvenir passport", which our reception staff will be happy to stamp for you with the day's date. This passport can be obtained free of charge, on request. It contains eight pages, with photos of Monaco, a box for souvenir stamps and a space for writing notes.

You can find these mock passports at all Tourism Office information points in the Principality (at 2a boulevard des Moulins or at Monaco railway station).

We wish you a pleasant stay in the Principality!