A New Centre of Innovation in the Principality: Monaco Innovation Runway

Publication date: 02/09/2022
The Principality has always prided itself on being a land of blue-sky thinking. Further confirmation comes in the shape of the "Monaco Innovation Runway", which officially opened at the start of the summer.  We take a closer look at this brand new space.

In 2017, Monaco jointly founded Monaco Telecom and Xavier Niel MonacoTech, a human-sized start-up incubator. Then in 2019, the Principality announced that it had become the first country in the world to enjoy full 5G coverage. Examples of innovation abound in this 2 km² country, and the latest is a new space named "Monaco Innovation Runway".

Created as a result of the Prince's Government's digital transformation programme Extended Monaco, this new site is designed to showcase pioneering projects. Made available not just to start-ups but to all innovators in Monaco, the "Runway" offers a selection of tools for sharing, discussing, and presenting projects, putting the spotlight on the Principality's cutting-edge success stories by highlighting innovative ideas developed locally in all kinds of sectors. 

Putting this new system into practice, the people behind Monaco Innovation Runway presented four projects sponsored by the Government and start-ups incubated at MonacoTech. These projects are varied, but all aim to improve everyone's living environment through technology. They range from the Extended Monaco Digital Twin, a 3D interface compiling all topographical data to map out the future development of mobile coverage, to CoralioTech, which involves developing innovative marine assets for the wellness, treatment, and healthcare markets, to Infineis, a medical imaging system aimed at revolutionising intracranial surgery.

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