Free public transport in Monaco for three months!

Publication date: 03/10/2022
From today and until 2 January 2023, all bus travel in the Principality will be free. 
The aim? To reduce traffic congestion by encouraging people to use public transport. A life-size test designed to change the way we act and think. 

Since this summer, traffic has returned to pre-pandemic levels with more than 110,000 vehicles entering Monaco every day. That traffic is only set to intensify with the major events taking place in the Principality, such as the recent Monaco Yacht Show, with a consequent impact on ease of travel both to and within Monaco.

The challenge is a major one for this little state (and its government), which is the second smallest country in the world, with the official target of reducing driver numbers by 20% - the equivalent of 10,000 cars.

So the Prince's Government and its Department of Urban Amenities thought up this life-size trial, which they hope will encourage more people to switch to sustainable means of transport. 

To support the initiative, remember to use the "Klaxit" car-sharing scheme launched by the government in 2020,  which is proving a big success.

See you at the bus stop!

For more information about bus routes and timetable, click HERE

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