Monapass: the app that's your passport to public transport, tourism and culture in Monaco!

Publication date: 26/10/2022
The Principality's all-in-one app is your one stop shop, and now includes access to tourism services and culture too!

Launched in 2021, Monapass enables users of public transport in Monaco to store all their tickets and passes in one handy app (buses, electric bicycles, etc.). The scheme is part of the Monegasque government's policy of promoting the use of soft mobility solutions.

The digital solution, developed as part of the Extended Monaco programme in collaboration with the Principality's bus operator CAM and Monaco City Hall, lets you pay for all of your transportation tickets and passes, store them in one place, and gain access to real time updates on transport options available where you are.

The concept has proved very popular with locals and visitors, and earned the Principality the Digital Mobility Prize at the 30th 'Palmarès VRT' mobility awards. 

On the strength of that success, the Monapass app has now been updated to include new features, such as the ability to buy and store tickets to the Oceanographic Museum, the Cinéma des Beaux-Arts, and the Monaco Le Grand Tour tourist bus. So travellers can now use an all-in-one app to get around the Principality and visit a whole host of places of interest!

©Gouvernement Princier de Monaco, Benjamin Vergély