Monaco Brands: promoting the Principality

Publication date: 15/11/2022
Did you know? There is a body whose role is to protect and promote the country's image. Monaco Brands was founded in 2012. We look at what it does, what brands it owns, and more.

Although Monaco occupies just 2 km², the country enjoys a strong international reputation and boasts a name that resonates with people around the world, in fields are diverse as sport, the luxury sector, and the environment.

Monaco Brands was created in 2012 to handle everything to do with the Principality's image. Its main role is to manage a portfolio of trademarks. It also deals with initiatives that contain the name "Monaco" and "Monte-Carlo", and owns around one hundred brand names, including Monoïkos, M Monaco, and Múnegu.

Today, as the CEO of Monaco Brands Philippe Boisbouvier reports,  between five and ten trademarks per week containing the names "Monaco" or "Monte-Carlo" are being registered around the world,  along with around a dozen domain names every day. Monaco Brands works to protect the trademarks, by examining the way they are used, to develop the number of products marketed, and to promote the Principality by responding to direct approaches and taking part in specialist trade shows.

This root and branch approach incorporates the attractiveness-focused policy adopted by the Principality to encourage economic and social development, which concerns all Monegasque stakeholders. 

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