The "Your Monaco" app is coming to your smartphone!

Publication date: 07/12/2022
Launched on 5 December, the "Your Monaco" mobile app is now available. It replaces the website of the same name, which first went online in 2020. The new app is a digital mini-revolution for city life! 

This new version 2.0 of "Your Monaco" has a more practical portal with enhanced features, and now includes more sectors in addition to those related to the Ministry of Public Works (events agenda, weather forecasts, market opening times, a map of places of interest, and much more). The app can be personalised to suit the specific needs of different user profiles, and will be an invaluable companion for residents and those travelling to Monaco for work. Create your own little version of Monaco! 

This is the Monaco experience in your smartphone

Frédéric Genta / Country Chief Officer for Attractiveness and the Digital Transition

This digital facilitator of everyday life, now available in a mobile version, also aims to stimulate the economic life of the country and enhance its appeal. It is the result of two absolute priorities for Monaco - digital technology and attractiveness -in the same vein as Monapass, which has already been downloaded 25,000 times and is used by 14,000 people every month, a real feat for a country with a population of just 35,000. The "Your Monaco" app completes the range of essential applications in the Principality, each in a specific area: Monaco Bus, Monaco Info, Monapass, and Monaco Santé. 

Make your life easier, download the "Your Monaco " app!

Photo credits: Jean-François Ottonello / Benjamin Vergély