News about bus services in the Principality

Publication date: 13/01/2023
The start of the new year saw the end of the trial phase of free bus travel in the Principality that began on 3 October.

The aim of this pilot scheme was to ease traffic congestion by encouraging the use of public transport (see news item " Free public transport in Monaco for three months! ").

In addition to the end of the free travel period, the other big development has seen the removal of 11 terminals previously found at certain bus stops around the Principality, which passengers could use to print out their tickets.

The move is part of efforts by the Monegasque Government to modernise and update the ticketing system, opting for digital solutions and avoiding the use of printed paper tickets to help protect the environment.

So where can I buy tickets ?

Bus users can purchase tickets:

  • From C.A.M's online store
  • By downloading the MonaPass app
  • By flashing the QR code displayed on the bus stop
  • On the bus:
    -Using their bank debit card
    -Using their rechargeable pass
    - From the driver, if purchasing a single-use ticket (for a higher price).
  • At the sales office in Fontvieille.

The Principality continues its policy of modernisation and, as a destination committed to sustainable development, aims to change the habits and mentality of both residents and visitors.

Photo credits: CAM Monaco / Jean-François Ottonello