A thousand and one flavours to try in the Principality

Publication date: 29/08/2023
Though barely 2 square kilometres in size, Monaco somehow manages to fit in a whole host of incredible restaurants that will transport you to every part of the world!

In the Principality you’ll find the most varied and creative menus inspired by world cuisines, ensuring a truly memorable dining experience. Here are just a few of the international flavours just waiting to be tasted in Monaco.

For an Asian immersion

There are enchanting Asian and fusion flavours to be discovered at the sumptuously decorated Buddha Bar, Maya Bay and Song Qi, where a mouthful will instantly transport you to the continent of the rising sun.

On the spice road

Spice up your life with a meal at Maya Jah, whose Indian and Moroccan-inspired dishes, made with an expertly chosen blend of aromatic herbs and spices, are simply bursting with flavour. The elegant dining room and Bollywood-style musical ambience complete the authentic Indian experience!

For a Japanese adventure

It’s just a step from Monaco to Japan! Aficionados of Japanese cuisine can taste the very best at The Niwaki, Moshi Moshi, Nobu, Izakaya Cozza and Yoshi, the only Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant on the French Riviera since 2010!

For Mediterranean magic

The Mediterranean is right on the doorstep, and the very best it has to offer can be found here in Monaco! Starting with French cuisine with its worldwide reputation for excellence. You’ll find it at must-visit restaurants including the Louis XV - Alain Ducasse with its view of the Casino Monte-Carlo, the recently opened Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac, or the Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, a restaurant by Yannick Alléno. Perhaps you’d prefer something with a Hellenic flavour? If so, Gaia will be your Greek muse in Monaco. For a taste of the dolce vita, head to Norma or Giacomo: mamma mia! Meanwhile, you’ll find more refined and contemporary Italian cuisine at La Table d’Antonio Salvatore, with its exceptional dishes. For an authentic Middle Eastern dining experience, Em Shérif Monte-Carlo will surprise you with its colourful and refined Lebanese cuisine.

For a voyage to Latin America

Take a culinary journey across the Atlantic and experience the delights of Latin America! First stop: Mexico, with the colourful and welcoming restaurant Sexy Tacos, where you’ll find a menu in the very finest Mexican tradition.
The voyage continues southward, where the next destination is Peru and Coya Monte-Carlo. No sooner will you set foot in the door, than this adventurous restaurant will take you on a multisensory journey to far-flung shores.

For a taste of the Caribbean

In the mood for some sun-drenched tropical cuisine? Look no further than the Blue Bay, where the menu created by two Michelin-starred chef Marcel Ravin combines the very best of the Caribbean islands with Mediterranean flavours!

Photo credits: © Nawel Odin / BVergély / Maya Bay / Marion Butet Studio / Maya Jah / The Niwaki / Nobu / B. Touillon/ Anthony Lanneretonne / Nawel Odin / Studio Phenix / Montecarlo Société des Bains de Mer