My little Monaco

Publication date: 01/01/2017
For the past two years, Agathe de la Palumbelle, who lives in the Principality, has been sharing the places she has discovered on her blog, "My Little Monaco."

From aperitifs on the terrace to a boules club on top of the Rock and a brand new art gallery ... All these places, whether new, revisited or iconic, have a history, which she shares via 4 themes:  bar/restaurant, art/decoration, kids' special/my little feeling.
Each week, in an article that is both personal and objective, she reveals the place (s) she has tested.
All the articles are in French and English.  As a bonus, they are illustrated by talented artists!  The My Little Monaco blog features pencil drawings by Virginie Broquet, who loves to make sketches of Monaco, Beatriz Moreno's amazing photos, and relaxed musings by a passionate "blog trotter" from the Principality.

What's more, every month, in the "10 TOP ADDRESSES" section, Agathe showcases a talented person from the Principality – an artist, entrepreneur, sportsperson, etc ... in a portrait.  The guest then reveals his or her favourite addresses.

The "My little Monaco" blog is aimed at residents of the Principality and visitors who are keen to experience a lifestyle that combines "both glitter and authenticity."

"My little Monaco" is treasure trove of local addresses, written by a local with cheerfulness and good humour!