The Boulingrins Gardens

98000 Monaco
Above the Casino, the “French-style” Boulingrins Gardens offer a magnificent view over Place du Casino.

In the centre of the gardens, a surprising mirror reflects the majestic Casino de Monte-Carlo. The gardens feature a succession of fountains, pavilions and flowerbeds right in the heart of Monte-Carlo. The garden was laid out in 1865, at the same time that the Casino and Hotel de Paris were built.

A little history...

Back in the seventeenth century, boules game was been played on the paths which cross through the gardens.  The pathways were frequently used by Brits, who named this place the “green”. Eventually, “bowling green” became “Boulingrins”.
The gardens have undergone numerous transformations, the last of which was completed in 1989, following the construction of an underground car park cut out of the rock and covered with concrete paving. The current gardens were laid out on this paving to offer a pleasant stroll through the jets of water and flowers.

Free entry

Five temporary and futuristic pebbles...

As part of the scheduled work to knock down the Sporting d’Hiver building, palms, trees and plants from this garden have been moved temporarily to the greenhouses and grounds of SBM. The space will be used to host the luxury boutiques of Monte-Carlo for the duration of the construction project.

Adjoining the Little Africa Gardens, this group has been designed to feature exotic and lush flora. Palm trees, dwarf lilyturf, birds of paradise, sacred bamboo, Chinese hibiscus... With such a backdrop, shopping sessions become a delight. Everything has been conceived with respect for the environmental charter and Be Green label. A luxurious, peaceful feast for the senses, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.