Gaspard Proust

Gaspard Proust at the Espace Leo FerréFriday 15 October 2021, at 8.30 pm Espace Léo Ferré

With biting, cynical, dark humour, the cosmopolitan Gaspard Proust is coming to the stage in Monaco with his new show at the Espace Leo Ferré.

After touring for four years to packed venues with his New Show, Gaspard Proust was invited to the main stage of the Seine Musicale festival for two final Parisian performances. A first for a comedian. 

Night after night, he rewrote his show. Never totally different, yet never exactly the same. 
Press quotes: 

He is the most cultivated, the most literary, and without doubt the most intelligent of those who claim to entertain. 
Figaro Magazine

Gaspard Proust, increasingly "houellebecquian" 
The more the world despairs, the better he gets.
Le Monde 

As cruel, original, funny, and effective as ever.
Le Point

A particularly scathing show, but above all wickedly funny.

As funny as it is dark, unbridled, with no taboos and no complex. 
Europe 1