The magic of spring: explore Monaco’s enchanting parks and gardens

Fecha de publicación: 06/05/2024
Springtime in Monaco is a glorious symphony of colour and fragrance. In this little Mediterranean corner of paradise, every park and garden becomes a lush green oasis of refreshment and relaxation in the heart of the busy city.

Did you know?
Parks and gardens cover a fifth of the entire Principality. What are they like? Follow our guide!

Discover the botanical marvels of the perfectly manicured gardens around Casino square, including the Jardin de la Petite Afrique, the Jardins des Boulingrins and the Jardin du Casino (by the Buddha Bar), where the majestic palm trees wave gently in the sea breeze. Breathe in the heady fragrance of the exotic flowers and tropical plants, and savour the soothing sound of the water flowing in the fountains.

Visit the historic Exotic Garden, a jewel of biodiversity perched on the cliffs overlooking Monaco. Stroll along the picturesque paths and admire the huge collection of succulents, cacti, and other plants from every corner of the world. Stop to drink in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean from the spectacular viewing platforms, then explore the depths of the Observatory Cave, that reaches all the way down to sea level. (Currently closed for refurbishment work - reopening in 2025).
The Botanical Centre at the Exotic Garden is a sanctuary for nature-lovers and anyone with an interest in botany.
Nestling among luxuriant greenery, this hidden gem with its eclectic collection of rare and exotic plants is a wonderfully immersive experience.  Explore the tropical greenhouses, and marvel at the beauty of the brightly coloured orchids and outlandishly-shaped bromeliads. Dive into a world of lush vegetation, where every plant has a fascinating story to tell about its original habitat.

PRINCESS ANTOINETTE PARK – Exotic Garden district
Take some time out and relax awhile in Princess Antoinette Park, a haven of peace found in the Exotic Garden district of Monaco. Wander along the shaded paths between the vibrantly coloured flower beds and let yourself be soothed by the pitter-patter of the waterfalls. The park also has plenty to do for both younger children and teens, with a multi-sports pitch, play areas, mini-golf, and a miniature petting farm where inquisitive tots can make friends with the rabbits, chickens, goats, and other small farmyard animals.

JAPANESE GARDEN – Larvotto district
A little corner of Japan in the heart of the Principality! Expertly designed in the traditional Japanese style, this marvellous garden is a quiet place of total serenity. Visitors can glimpse the far east in this refined, elegant space with its curved bridges, stone lanterns, and ponds teeming with colourful koi carp. The perfectly manicured trees and bamboo add a truly authentic feel to the garden, making it the ideal spot in which to relax and meditate.


These tranquil, beautiful gardens are delicately perched between the rugged cliffside and the glittering Mediterranean Sea. With their majestic palm trees, dazzling flowers and winding paths, they lend themselves perfectly to quiet contemplation. Visitors can stroll, rest awhile on the stone benches, and enjoy the sound of the tinkling fountains, as they admire the magnificent view over the Port of Fontvieille below. Whether you fancy a brisk walk to get the circulation going, or simply want to reconnect with Mother Nature, the Saint Martin and Saint Barbara Gardens are a little harbour of relaxation amid the hustle and bustle of the Principality.

FONTVIEILLE PARK – Fontvieille district
Fontvieille Park in the west of Monaco is a beautifully landscaped seaside oasis of lush greenery. With its verdant lawns, shaded footpaths and refreshing water features, it’s the perfect place to take a little time out for relaxation and reflection. Visitors can stroll among the wide variety of Mediterranean plants and admire the contemporary works of art along the Rainier III Sculpture Trail, with several stunning pieces displayed at various locations around the park. Whether you’re just taking a little break from it all or enjoying an afternoon walk with the family, Fontvieille Park is perfect. And while you’re there, look out for our “little friends”, who are free to roam throughout the park. You can expect to come across ducks, geese, and tortoises wandering around happily. There are also koi carp in the park’s large pond.

PRINCESS GRACE ROSE GARDEN – Fontvieille district
The Princess Grace Rose Garden, created in memory of Monaco’s late Princess, is a veritable floral celebration. With its carefully tended roses of every variety and shaded footpaths, it is the perfect place for a quiet, romantic stroll. The garden is a fitting floral tribute to the timeless elegance and beauty of the Princess.



The Rainier III Zoological Garden is a captivating place where nature and wildlife come together in harmony on the edge of the great Rock of Monaco, overlooking the Port of Fontvieille. In a luxuriant, leafy setting with some 300 animals, including one hippopotamus, it offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the animal kingdom. Come and see the wide variety of different species, from lemurs to tortoises, many of which came to the zoo after being abandoned by their owners or seized by the customs authorities, while others arrived as part of exchanges with other zoos.


UNESCO GARDEN – Fontvieille district
Overlooking the Port of Fontvieille, the UNESCO garden brings nature and culture together in perfect harmony. It is a veritable open-air museum, planted with Mediterranean species and decorated with contemporary works of art, including Alessandro Montalbano’s 1995 sculpture “Et le septième jour”, “Grande baigneuse accroupie” by Antoine Bourdelle, and F.X. Lalanne”s 1992 creation “Grand Ours”. The garden is a place of calm and contemplation, and is popular with the locals, who are often to be found here on fine days enjoying their lunch break among the gently splashing fountains.


Each one of Monaco’s many parks and gardens is somewhere nature flourishes in all her splendour, and an invitation to relax and watch the world go by. Whether for a romantic stroll, a spot of meditation, or simply to drink in the beauty around you, experience the magic of springtime in Monaco.


More information can be found on theHeritage Tree Trail page. The guide will introduce you to the many trees and plants found around Monaco, some of them very rare!

Enjoy your walk!

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