Latifa by Echakhch Exhibition

Latifa Echakhch presents a new installation designed specifically for the Villa Sauber.  From Friday 20 April to Sunday 28 October, from 10 am to 6 pm Nouveau Musée National - Villa Sauber

The exhibition is curated by Célia Bernasconi and evokes distant memories of the birth of Monte-Carlo - from the creation of the Opera Garnier to the lush gardens of exotic plants – combining them with the artist's impressions and childhood memories.

This landscape, suspended by wires from imaginary theatre machinery, is closely linked to the tradition of automata, from which Latifa Echakhch took inspiration to create a mechanical garden in the rooms of the museum.

This is the last exhibition at the Villa Sauber before it closes for work to be undertaken.  Latifa Echakhch has designed this exhibition by renewing the tradition of the romantic landscape and its associated topos - the contemplation of ruins - and drawing inspiration from the setting of this iconic Belle Epoque residence and its rose garden.