Pierre PRADINAS, Romane BOHRINGER and Christophe MINCK present a theatre adaptation of the Annie ERNAUX novel "L'occupation".Thursday 14 November 2019, at 8.30 pm Théâtre Princesse Grace

A woman of forty separates from her husband of five years. She is the one leaving. But she then learns that he has (very quickly) moved on and found someone else, whose identity he will not reveal. She is overcome with jealousy that takes over her existence, occupies her every thought, like an overbearing companion she cannot shake off.

The direction by Pierre PRADINAS blends sound, image and light. Videos are shown and Romane Bohringer is accompanied by the music of multi-instrumentalist Christophe MINCK, who skips easily from the synthesiser, to harp, to guitar. The image and sound combine to give Annie Ernaux's their full power and meaning.

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Thursday 14 November at 8.30 pm
Théâtre Princesse Grace

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