World-Renowned Beauty Treatments at Monaco's Thermes Marins

The BEAUTY by CLINICA IVO PITANGUY face and body treatments are now available at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.
Developed by the prestigious Clinica Ivo Pitanguy, a legendary, world-renowned beauty institution, this exclusive range combines top-of-the range products with subtle relaxation techniques, to offer real cosmetic facelifts.

The famous Professor Ivo Pitanguy, master and undisputed "father" of aesthetic and plastic surgery, founded the clinic that bears his name in Rio de Janeiro in 1963.  Since then, the Clinica Ivo Pitanguy has embodied know-how and a spirit of innovation, which has earned it international fame.  This flagship establishment has influenced the discipline all over the world and leading experts have trained there.

Gisela Pitanguy, daughter of the eminent scientist and herself a doctor, undertook investigations to individualize the pre-and post-operative care of patients in the clinic.  She went on to create advanced cosmetic dermatology techniques, which directly inspired the anti-aging BEAUTY by CLINICA IVO PITANGUY ranges used in beauty clinics.

And so PREVIOUS, BODYCARE and SPECIFICS were created, three simplified ranges to cover all the essential requirements – to meet all skincare needs, protect the skin as it ages and maintain its youth and sparkle.  The BEAUTY by CLINICA IVO PITANGUY products are used in the treatment rooms and are also available for retail sale.  They contain carefully selected natural ingredients, many of which derive from plants harvested in the Amazonian forest.

To bring out the very best of these top-of–the range products, Gisela Pitanguy has developed some subtle care protocols with her multidisciplinary staff.  The applications and massages are much more than simple relaxation techniques, and are refined to meet the needs of each person's skin, resulting not only in a complete sense of well-being but also an immediate beautifying effect.

The BEAUTY by CLINICA IVO PITANGUY anti-aging range brings us closer to Nature and the medical science of beauty, and its philosophy is perfectly suited to the world of the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.