Replenish Your Energy at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

The Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo offers a selection of treatments that are ideal for starting 2012 with health and vitality!
The Combiné Monte-Carlo (Monte-Carlo Combined) is the ideal treatment to help you achieve optimum health and recharge the body.

By measuring energy in the "ting" points (linked to the meridians used in Chinese Medicine), the therapists at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo can perform a check-up to identify any deficiencies.

Each type of energy deficiency is associated with the vibration of a color.  The restorative electromagnetic effects of each color are transmitted by means of massages, scrubs and baths based on natural products, such as crystals of precious stones, oils and colored salts.

At the end of the session, the rebalancing is checked by measuring the energy for a final time.  A slimming, anti-stress and anti-age treatment, which gives a sense of intense physical and mental well-being while restoring your vitality - and all this from the very first treatment!

Bio-energetic balancing has the power to release blockages that can lead to physical and emotional disturbances.  Stress, a harsh climate, overeating during the festive season and poor light conditions – environmental stress and the effects of winter weaken your defenses, causing physical and mental fatigue.

The high-tech equipment used at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo makes it possible to measure energetic fields, target imbalances and remedy them by stimulating the body with natural vibrational energies (such as minerals, essential oils and light).

In winter, the face is the only visible part of the body, and also the most exposed to cold. 

That's why it needs twice as much care!  With Mésopore Visage (Mésopore facial treatment), mesotherapy without needles was created!  A spectacular innovation, with no surgery or injections, to erase wrinkles, tone and plump the skin, eliminate redness and act as a deep moisturizer.  After preparing the skin, the therapist uses weak electric currents to allow the active ingredients to penetrate right to the centre of the hypodermis.

These products are composed of essential oils and active ingredients from Mediterranean plants and seaweeds.  They accelerate natural physiological processes, stimulating skin tension and cellular hydration and eliminating toxins.

A relaxing procedure, suitable for all ages, with guaranteed radiance right from the first session!

And, throughout the year, Human Tecar is the ultimate weapon against osteoarticular inflammation, arthritis, tendonitis and other degenerative or post-traumatic aches and pains.  The Tecar effect is based on the transfer of energy by radio waves and stimulates the natural self-repair process of damaged tissue.  This advanced medical device is ideal during periods of convalescence; it helps to free you from pain and allows you to regain fluidity of movement, recuperate and then keep yourself in good shape, while promoting wound healing.