New residents at Monaco's Oceanographic Museum

The President of the Republic of Mali has given HSH Prince Albert II five African Spurred Tortoises
The five African Spurred Tortoises (which originate from sub-Saharan Africa) are aged from 5 to 30 and weigh around 88 pounds.  They are the third largest land-dwelling tortoises in the world after the Galapagos tortoise and the Giant Seychelles tortoise.  They can be seen from the month of May onwards. 

This is a chance for visitors to discover this species, which is protected by the Washington Convention, in a new, specially laid out setting on the terrace. Children's games and a leisure area for families are also on offer.

In this way, Monaco's Oceanographic Museum is continuing its efforts to protect both tortoises and turtles, whether they live on land or in the sea.

Photo credits:  Russ Gurley / Alain Benainous Allpixpress