TripAdvisor Awards a Certificate of Excellence to Monaco's Oceanographic Museum

Monaco's Oceanographic Museum is now one of the highest-ranking tourist attractions on TripAdvisor.
The famous globetrotters have made their pronouncement!  Thanks to their positive reviews, the Oceanographic Museum now features among TripAdvisor's most highly recommended tourist attractions, with a mark of 4.5 out of 5.

To make the on-line classification official, this web site, which has around 20 million members and more than 60 million reviews, has just presented the Oceanographic Museum with a certificate of excellence.

The certificate is awarded to establishments with a score of 4 or over, and is recognition of their good reputation on line.

Other criteria, such as the publication date and number of comments, are also taken into account.

The Oceanographic Museum is keen to offer its visitors the best possible welcome and has just launched a new area, "Tortoise Island," on its panoramic terrace.  It includes a landscaped enclosure with seven African Spurred Tortoises, a children's play space and a lounge area.

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