A New Installation at Monaco's Oceanographic Museum

The first "Liquid Galaxy" in Europe is a totally new concept on the theme of the oceans. It is now available at the Museum, and open to all

"Liquid Galaxy" is a new installation, created by Google.  It consists of virtual exploration equipment that enables the user to "dive" and discover the oceans, and therefore better understand the urgent need to protect them.

The oceans represent 70% of the world's surface and more than 95% of our biosphere.  With Google's "Liquid Galaxy" simulator, visitors can enjoy an exceptional "immersive" experience and can explore our blue planet in an intuitive way.

At present, "Liquid Galaxy" is only available in a limited number of institutions, mainly in the United States.  The installation in the Museum is the only one in Europe with content devoted to the oceans.

More info:  www.oceano.mc

Photo:  M. Dagnino – Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.