Monaco Attends the UNWTO General Assembly at Victoria Falls

The global tourism community gathers this week at Victoria Falls for the 20th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly. Visa facilitation, connectivity and accessibility were key topics at the Assembly, aiming to advance tourism’s sustainable growth The Monegasque delegation played an active role in the debates.
The Monegasque delegation, led by Guillaume Rose, Director of the Tourist and Convention Authority, voted in the election to appoint the nations that will be represented in the Executive Council for the region of Europe. The delegation then participated in the vote that saw the re-election of the Secretary-General Taleb Rifai. During debates on the current situation of global tourism and particularly on the future of the sector and new trends, Monaco had the opportunity to develop closer relations with many countries interested by conventions and luxury tourism.

Furthermore, Guy Antognelli and Guillaume Rose (pictured) were able to secure a private meeting with Isabelle Garaña, Regional Director for Europe of the World Tourism Organization, and Oliver Herrmann, the organization’s Director of Statistics. They used this meeting to launch a new era of exchange of statistical and factual data with the UNWTO, which could lead to interesting strategies in the future for tourism in Monaco.

Finally, a working group was formed by the UNWTO that brought together the principal countries of Western Europe, in which the Tourist and Convention Authority was given the honor of being asked to participate. The aim of the group was to share experiences and solutions regarding the issues surrounding tourism in the most economically advanced countries.