Photographer Ed Wright to Speak at the Stars'N'Bars on 15 January 2017

Ed Wright is giving a talk as part of the Stars'N'Bars day on protecting the Mediterranean

On Sunday 15 January at the Stars'N'Bars, the focus will be on protecting the Mediterranean.

Five mini-lectures will be given from 1 p.m. by key players from the regional ecological scene.

Photographer Ed Wright will give a talk on "Plastics, the Mediterranean and Deception."

After traveling in and exploring the Antarctic and the rest of the world as part of his work, Ed Wright learned a great deal about micro-plastics, particularly by working with the US Navy.

Lecture in French/English organized as part of Mediterranean Protection Day.

"Plastics, the Mediterranean and Deception.  All before 2041." 

By Ed Wright, photographer (Lecture in French/English.)

1 p.m., 15 January 2017