The Principality of Monaco Exhibits at the Astana Expo 2017

Publication date: 6/16/2017
The Special Exhibition opened on Saturday 10 June - Monaco unveiled its Pavilion.

The Astana Expo 2017 Special Exhibition opened on Saturday 10 June and will continue until 10 September.

The Special Exhibitions are held between two Universal Exhibitions.  They are an opportunity to show the public the best practices of each country, which exhibit on a specific theme.  The theme this year is "The Energy of the Future."

Monaco has a Pavilion there measuring 500 square meters (approx 5,382 sq. ft.), entitled "Reflecting the Future," with a central installation comprised of mobile mirrors that reflect a metaphoric film on the relationship between Man and his environment.

The 2,000 people who visited the Pavilion on the opening day were impressed by the mechanics of the 25-metric ton installation undulating in front of them.

A virtual reality tour of Monaco is offered, using "Oculus" glasses.

A model of the future offshore urban extension is also on display, behind which films are projected on urban extension projects in Monaco since the 1960s, in addition to the current offshore urban extension project.  At the same time, light effects are projected onto the model, bringing it to life.

The visit ends with the pavilion's "Eco Lab," with an interactive touch screen, on which visitors can highlight the Principality's commitment and good practices with regard to the environment.

On the opening day, Monaco received a visit to its Pavilion by the official Spanish delegation, headed by His Majesty King Felipe VI.