29th International Odontostomatology Congress in Monte-Carlo

New developments in odontostomatology, Digital technology in all the branches of dentistry

This year, like every year since 1989, Monte Carlo will be the venue for the International Odontostomatology Congress organized by Centro Culturale Odontostomatologico (CCOS) of Turin, Italy. A small but well respected scientific society that by constantly renovating itself has kept abreast of developments in dental care, the CCOS deserves its place among the most renowned scientific societies in the international dental community.

The 29th edition of the congress will take place on November 17 and 18 under the auspices of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, Società Italiana di Ortodonzia Prechirurgica (SIDOP), Società Italiana Specializzati in Chirurgia Odontostomatologica e Orale (SISCOO), and Società Italiana di Odontostomatologia e Chirurgia Maxillo-Facciale (SIOCMF). After being hosted for many years in the halls of the Sporting d’Hiver, since 2014 the scientific sessions are held at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel.

The topic of this year is: “Therapeutic choice in odontostomatology: scientific basis, technological innovations and clinical ethics”. A number of prominent speakers will cover issues such as tissue engineering, implant dentistry and its many applications, treatment of iatrogenic root perforations (the nightmare of every dental practitioner), and highly aesthetic prosthetics. The agenda highlights the importance of digital technology in the different branches of odontostomatology, from surgery to endodontics and prosthetics. Aesthetic concerns play an increasingly important role in personal and work relationships, hence the special attention that will be devoted to aesthetic results in endodontics, conservative treatment, surgery, and fixed prosthetics. Moreover, for the first time since its inception the Odontostomatology Congress will feature an endodontics course organized in cooperation with SIOCMF; highly qualified endodontists will give lectures on orthograde and retrograde endodontic treatment, digital endodontics - the new frontier in clinical endodontic practice - and on root canal treatment in children, an increasingly widespread procedure that helps preserve deciduous teeth to ensure better development of permanent dentition.

In summary, while waiting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the International Odontostomatology Congress in 2018, the CCOS will once again offer the scientific community an opportunity to attend a cultural event with top quality lecturers in an attractive destination like Monaco, and a great set of social events for congress participants.