Energy Observer is in Monaco from 14 to 21 December 2017

To mark the arrival of the first hydrogen-powered ship in Monaco, the public is invited to visit the exhibition village.

Energy Observer will end its France-Monaco tour on 14 December 2017.  It will remain at the quay by the Yacht Club until 21 December.

It is the first energy-autonomous hydrogen-powered ship, and emits no greenhouse gas or fine particles.  It is propelled by hydrogen and renewable energies, via energy coupling.

This former racing boat represents outstanding technological prowess.  The challenge for architects, engineers and those sailing the ship is to aim for autonomy using energy coupling and producing hydrogen from seawater, with no carbon emissions.

Energy Observer will be in Monaco from 14 to 21 December on the twelfth stopover of its "Odyssey for the future."  This stopover will also mark the end of this modern-day Calypso's tour of France.  A village will be set up to enable the public to find out about the Energy Observer and its six-year around the world expedition from 2017-2022.

Energy Explorer in Monaco from 14 to 21 December 2017

Location of the village:  The Quai Antoine Premier, in front of the Stars'N'Bars restaurant.

Location of the Energy Observer:  by the Yacht Club of Monaco.

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Photo Credit:  Jérémy Bidon