International Children's Rights Day

International Children's Rights Day, organized by the Department of Education, Youth and SportThursday 21 November, at 5 pm Auditorium Rainier III
Apr 4

Journée Internationale des Droits de l’Enfant à Monaco en 2013

La Journée Internationale des Droits de l’Enfant se déroulera à l’Auditorium Rainier III, le jeudi 21 novembre 2013

La Journée Internationale des droits de l’enfant, organisée par la Direction de l’Education Nationale de la Jeunesse et des Sports, aura lieu le jeudi 21 novembre 2013, à l’Auditorium Rainier III.

A cette occasion un village des Associations sera organisé avec la participation de 12 associations monégasques oeuvrant par leurs actions à la défense des droits de l’enfant. 

Les organisateurs créeront un jeu de sensibilisation en rapport avec le thème abordé et en partenariat avec les associations humanitaires présentes.

Enfin, comme chaque année, les élèves de tous les établissements scolaires de la Principauté présenteront un spectacle, le 21 novembre à  17 heures.

Journée Internationale des Droits de l'Enfant
Jeudi 21 novembre 2013
Auditorium Rainier III
Boulevard Louis II
98000 Monaco
Tél: +377 93 10 84 00
Oct 11

Children's Rights are Celebrated in Monaco

Each year, the Principality celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the United Nations International Convention.

The Department of Education, Youth and Sport is organizing an awareness-raising campaign in schools in October and November on the theme of Children's Rights.

Many people are involved in preparing and presenting this event, which aims to bring all the participants – parents, pupils and voluntary associations – together in one place, the Rainier III Auditorium.

Numerous activities are organized to raise funds to help children whose basic human rights are not respected.  These include the sale of tombola tickets, tickets for the show and teas.

The highlight of the day is a show performed at 5 pm in the Rainier III Auditorium by 400 very enthusiastic pupils to a large audience of children and their parents (featuring songs, dances and mime and movement on this year's theme, "Solidarity.")

The funds raised from this year's show will be donated to two Monegasque charities:

- "Fight Aids Monaco," a Monegasque Foundation presided over by H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie and 

- "Digital Aid" which works to provide give the poorest children in orphanages in Eastern Europe and Africa access to technology.