Concert by Nolwenn LeroySaturday September 21, 2019, at 8.30 pm Espace Léo Ferré

It's not always easy to say "I love you". That's why we often borrow words and lyrics penned by others. 

With her new album, Nolwenn Leroy performs songs by Jacques Higelin, Nino Ferrer, Nicolas Peyrac and Francis Cabrel, among others. Artists who all share the ability to give comfort on a rainy day. Songs that are all faithful to a particular musical genre and a state of mind: folk. The music that warms the heart and awakens deep-seated emotions. With the simplest of arrangements, a folk song is a timeless story of humanity and its journeys. 

Alongside a small group of musicians who live and breathe their music for the sheer love of it, Nolwenn has recorded 13 timeless tracks at the Ferber studio. Blending folk style with the gorgeous French language, Nolwenn has put her own mark on these classic songs and emotions. 


Espace Léo FERRE

8.30 pm

Parking at the Carrefour mall
Tickets available from the usual outlets
Free choice of seating : 36 euros.