Jeanne Added en concert

Jeanne ADDED will be performing in the Prince Pierre room at the Grimaldo Forum on October 12.Saturday October 12, 2019, at 8.30 pm Grimaldi Forum Monaco - Salle Prince Pierre

French singer-songwriter Jeanne ADDED is coming to Monaco for a high-voltage concert. The artist invites you, with Both Sides, to witness all-new experience. Alone, surrounded ber her audience, Jeanne ADDED will hold you spellbound with her voice and a spectacular production designed by Eric SOYER (collaborator of the writer and director Joël POMMERAT).

Accompanied by a backing singer, en electric piano and drums, Jeanne ADDED's latest show is an intimate affair in three tableaux, a rapturous blend of sound, light and musical and vocal performance.  A change of scale, a change of perspective, a change in the way we listen... all adding to her own very special kind of magnetism. Concert-goers can look forward to an incredible evening with an extraordinary young artist.