11th Monaco Historic Grand Prix

The Automobile Club de Monaco organizes since 1997 the Grand Prix Historique de Monaco, always running two weeks before the Grand Prix de Monaco de Formule 1. From Friday 11 May to Sunday 13 May, Principauté de Monaco

This competition gathers collection cars lovers every two years at the heart of the Principality.

This eleventh edition will take place from May 11 to May 13, 2018. Cars that can participate are listed below, sorted by race. 7 Races – Restricted to cars that took part in International Races & that are in conformity with the regulations for the relevant period  

Race A  : Pre-war Grand Prix Cars and Voiturette 

Race B :  Pre-1961 front-engine F1 Grand Prix and F2 cars 

Race C : Front-engine Sport and Prototype Racing cars with engine capacity of 2L or more and which raced between 1952 – 1957 inclusive

Race D : F1 Grand Prix cars from 1961 to 1965 inclusive

Race E : F1 Grand Prix cars from 1966 to 1972 inclusive

Race F : F1 Grand Prix cars, from 1973 to 1976 inclusive

Race G : F1 Grand Prix cars, from 1977 to 1980 inclusive

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