Letters to Nour

"Lettres à Nour" ("Letters to Nour") by Rachid Benzine with Robin Renucci and Nacima BekhtaouiThursday January 23, 2020, at 8.30 pm Théâtre Princesse Grace


Nour is 20 years old. Raised by her father, a widower and philosopher,one day she runs away to Iraq, to join the man she has married in secret, a lieutenant in Daech. Father and daughter embark on a two-year correspondence. On one side, a father, a practicing Muslim, admirer of the Enlightenment, convinced that his daughter is shaped by the values of liberty, tolerance and democracy that he has always defended. On the other, a young woman justifying her rebellion by the betrayal of those same values by a "West" that she condemns and vows to overthrow...

Directed by
Charles Berling and Rachid Benzine
With Robin Renucci and Nacima Bekhtaoui
JMD Production

Letters to Nour, a written correspondence between Nour, who has run away to Fallujah with an officer in the Islamic State movement, and her father, a critical Muslim intellectual, harassed by Islamists, hits like an uppercut. 

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