Trade Fair

6th Cruise trade show (exhibitions, talks)Sunday 13 October, from 10am to 7pm at the Meridien Beach Plaza
Oct 8

6th Cruise Fair in Monaco

Jet-Travel Monaco and its brand are playing host to all the key players in the world cruise market at the Méridien Beach Plaza

Each year, cruises are becoming increasingly popular, and companies are building new cruise ships that are ever more amazing.

Cruises are ideal for families, and a range of products and ships are available to suit most requirements.

Representatives from cruise companies are offering special, personalized prices at the fair, enabling visitors to purchase their cruises on the day.

Would-be cruise passengers will benefit from immediate discounts and invitations to visit cruise ships, and can also take part in a major competition to win a Mediterranean cruise.

6th Cruise Fair
Sunday 13 October 2013 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Hôtel Méridien Beach Plaza

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