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Lycée Albert 1er
On the wish of H.S.H. Prince Albert I, the Visitation Convent, founded in 1663, became the Lycée de Monaco in 1910, providing primary and secondary education. It was officially opened on 4th October.
The first years were marked by the creation of a sports association in 1912 and by the first students passing their baccalaureate in 1914.
The school was reserved for boys until 1918, when a secondary class for girls was first introduced.
After World War I, a dark period in its history, the school developed quickly including renovation work and the organisation of community life; in 1924, the Lycée?s Alumni Association was created. In the same year, the first award ceremony took place.
Under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Louis II, celebrations for the Lycée?s 25th anniversary took place during this growth period.
Unfortunately, with the onset of World War Two, the academic year in 1939 began in difficult circumstances, as many teachers had been mobilized. However, despite the situation, the Lycée continued to run normally until Monaco was liberated on 3rd September 1944.
After the accession of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III in 1949, a new era marked by modernisation began, including, for example, an extra storey being added on to the building in 1957. During this prosperous period, the celebrations for the Lycée of Monaco's Fiftieth Anniversary also were held and in 1960, it was renamed "Lycée Albert I" in tribute to its illustrious founder. In the same year, the Prince Albert Library was set up.
In the sixties, the Lycée Albert I followed developments in the current life style by creating a ?Second-hand book sale? in 1963 and a school canteen in 1971.
In 1975, an annex to the Lycée Albert I accommodated primary school classes and in 1983 it was renamed the Ecole du Rocher.
1987 was marked by the opening of the international section for first year secondary students.
In 1989, a major change to the school map led to the end of lower secondary school classes: from that point the Lycée was to accommodate upper secondary and BTS classes only.
Between 1991 and 1997, major modernisation and renovation work took place leading to the opening of a self-service canteen.
During this period, the school opened up to the world, thanks to trips and school exchange visits abroad. Cultural activities were also developed, offering the students new opportunities.
With the onset of the 21st century, focus was placed on communications with increased computer equipment and the development of the internet. A multi-purpose hall was also built in 2002. Academic developments are continuous: in 2000, the Lycée Albert I became an examination centre and in 2008 the DCG - bac+3 level ? was introduced.
On the occasion of its Centenary, the Lycée Albert I, proud of its history and thanks to its adaptability, is more than ever deeply rooted in modern life and continually striving towards excellence, by educating the youth of the Principality and the surrounding region.
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