Theatre Variétés
1, boulevard Albert Ier
98000 Monaco
星期四 9 十二月 2021,于19点
"The Nativity: the culture of birth and rebirth", an art lecture in Italian with Jacopo Veneziani, organised by Dante Alighieri Comitato di MonacoThursday 9 December 2021, at 7 pm Théâtre des Variétés

JACOPO VENEZIANI  Art Lecture in Italian 
The Nativity: the culture of birth and rebirth

The birth of Christ is without doubt one of the most frequently depicted themes in the history of art. Jacopo Veneziani, a doctoral researcher in modern art history at the Sorbonne in Paris, returns to show us, with the help of countless slides, how we as 21st century observers can already perceive the future of past images, and that it represents the birth and rebirth of numerous art movements. 


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