Getting Around By Electric Vehicle

For the past few years, a new trend has been emerging: “Slow travel”, gently travelling, spending more time in a single destination, getting to know the local people and taking the time to discover the heritage...

Why not hire an electric bicycle for the day?

The Monaco Bike service, now known as MonaBike, is an automated network of electric bicycle stations installed by the Prince's Government and the Monaco Bus Company. MonaBike is part of the Principality's policy to cut greenhouse gas emissions, while improving shared mobility and living conditions in Monaco. With 350 BOOST electric bikes and 49 smart charging stations, MonaBike covers the entire Principality. The service is open to subscribers and occasional users, aged 14 and over.

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Or what about Mobee? Mobee is a pioneering car-share scheme based on the free-floating principle. Simply take your vehicle (Renault Twizy, Peugeot e208, Tesla Model 3) and leave it wherever you like. Mobee is aimed at visitors to the Principality, as well as local users. 

Subscribers to the service can use a smartphone app to locate the nearest vehicle at any time of the day or night. The vehicle can be dropped off anywhere in the Principality. Subscribers can also park free of charge and leave their vehicle above-ground, in parking spaces for cars and bikes, or alternatively in participating public car parks. Batteries can be recharged via the network of terminals at public car parks in the Principality.