19th No Finish Line

No Finish Line® is a charity event that has been held in Monaco since 1999. Under the patronage of His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince Albert II, the race is open to all runners and walkers, whether or not they are members of a running club.Saturday 10 November to Sunday 18 November, 2 pm to 4 pm Espace Fontvieille

The principle is quite simple and open to all, and involves running or walking as many laps as you wish on a 1400 metre track, which is open 24 hours a day for eight days.
Participants are free to run or walk for just an hour, or do a marathon every day, whether alone or as part of a group.
Thanks to the registration fees, donors and sponsors, for every kilometre run or walked, Children & Future donates €1  to support efforts to help disadvantaged or sick children.
If you wish, you can also pledge €1 for every kilometre you intend to run or walk.