The Art of the Cinema

Screening of the film "Les Amants réguliers" ("Regular Lovers") by Philippe Garrel, organised by the Monaco Audiovisual Archives
Tuesday 22 May, at 8.30pm Théâtre des Variétés


It's a night in May 68 in Paris.  François Dervieux is twenty years old;  he's a poet.  He walks among the demonstrators, takes part in the barricades and looks the CRS in the whites of their eyes.  On the roof of a building where he takes refuge, he dreams of 1789 and 1848.  68 has just proved to him that "Anyway, we're always alone ...".  He lives permanently in the present, squatting in a friend's apartment (inherited from the friend's late father) and smokes opium.  At a party, he meets Lilie, with whom he falls in love.  She's a sculptress and works in a moulding workshop to earn a living.  They live with others in a friend's apartment.

France, 2005, black and white, 178 mins.
Director:  Philippe Garrel.  Screenplay and dialogues:  Marc Cholodenko, Philippe Garrel and Arlette Langmann