International musical fireworks competition (France) organised by the Mairie de MonacoMonday 9 July at 10 pm, Port Hercule
11 Apr

2012 Monaco International Musical Fireworks Competition

A total of four fireworks displays (9 and 19 July, 8 and 25 August) will take place during the summer and will set the Monegasque sky on fire!

The unmissable International Fireworks Competition was created by the Mairie de Monaco (Monaco Town Hall) in 1966 on the occasion of the centenary celebrations for the district of Monte-Carlo, and takes place in the summer.  In 1996, for the 31st competition, the displays were set to music for the first time, and, since then, the fireworks have had an accompaniment of rhythm and melodies.

This is a real competition, the first to be created on the Côte d'Azur.  Each year, it offers top-quality fireworks displays.  The fireworks competition in Monte-Carlo attracts more countries and a wider range of competitors than any other fireworks festival in the world. 

Each summer, there are two displays in July (at 10 pm) and two in August (at 9.30 pm).

The jury, which is composed of members of the City Council and representatives from the art world and civil society, is presided over by the Mayor or one of the Deputy Mayors.

A prize is also awarded by the public, following an Internet vote by the spectators.

Fireworks companies apply to take part;  the selection of competitors is made by the City Council.

The four companies selected then have free reign of the skies for their artistic expression.  The fireworks are let off from the Quai Rainier III (the semi-floating breakwater).  The contestants all try to be the most imaginative in their high-quality, 25-minute musical fireworks displays.

Every five years, the winning fireworks companies from the previous years are invited back to compete again.

A powerful sound system is set up all over Port Hercule, allowing spectators on the Avenue d’Ostende or the Quai Albert Ier to make the most of these spectacular displays.

9 July - France

CZECH REPUBLIC Republic - 19 July / 10 pm

AUSTRIA – 8 August / 9.30 pm

ENGLAND - 25 August / 9.30 pm