"Les Sérénissimes de l’Humour" Comedy Festival

Jeanfi Janssens - "Jeanfi décolle" ("Jeanfi Takes Off")Thursday 21 March 2019, at 8 pm, Grimaldi Forum Monaco - Salle Prince Pierre

Jeanfi Janssens' humorous radio appearances are always inspired by his modest background, his job as a steward, his family, etc. His stint on Stéphane Plaza's show introduced him to a wider audience, and convinced him to opt for a career in comedy. So Jeanfi Janssens is taking time out with his first ever one-man-show, first performed to Parisian audiences in 2017.

See him live on Thursday 21 March at 8 pm, at the Salle de Princes in the Grimaldi Forum.

To book, contact the Grimaldi Forum on +377 99 99 30 00