International Buhurt Prime Tournament

Under the rules of the International  Buhurt Association (HMBIA), Buhurt Prime is the ultimate tournament in the world's most prestigious Buhurt competition.Saturday 16 February 2019, Espace Fontvieille

Buhurt, a category of Historical Medieval Battle (HMB), is a full contact martial art in which the combatants wear armour and use steel weapons made to historical medieval standards. Buhurt Prime is an international event that brings together the world's top teams in a single competition.

The first ever Buhurt world championship was created in 2009. Since then, the discipline has grown steadily in popularity all over the world. Ten years on, the unique atmosphere of Monaco has been chosen to host the final tournament of the HMBIA Champions League on 16 February 2019, under the Fontvieille Chapiteau.
The iconic venue will be adorned with flags, standards and banners, the beat of the drums and the sound of steel clashing on steel sundering the winter calm of the city as the ten best teams in the league march into the arena.

The spectacle will be impressive, featuring a series of "5 against 5" group battles with opening and closing ceremonies, for which the Espace Fontvieille and the immediate vicinity will be transformed into a historical arena of chivalry, complete with a medieval fair and craft workshops.

To the sounds of traditional medieval music, pyrotechnics and light effects, the Buhurt League will recreate a truly unforgettable atmosphere.

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