Fort Antoine Theatre 2018 Season

"Des hommes en devenir" ("Men in the Making") based on the novel by Bruce Machart, performed by the Bloc Opératoire, organised by the Department of Cultural Affairs, MonacoTuesday 17 July, at 9.30 pm, Fort Antoine

Emmanuel Meirieu brings a novel by a young master of American literature, Bruce Machart, to the stage..
He invites us to meet the destinies of six people who have been struck by grief, separation and abandonment.  Six men living on the edge who come out of their silence to share a song, a gesture or a word with each other to begin to heal themselves from everything they lack, with the underlying theme of "What does it mean to become a man?"
"A theatrical uppercut in every sense of the word, which goes beyond all codes, staging, personal accounts and acting.  Absolutely essential" Vanity Fair

From 14 years of age (1 hour 30 mins)