"La passion suspendue"

Drama: "La passion suspendue" ("Suspended Passion"), based on Leopoldina Pallotta della Torre's interviews with Marguerite DurasThursday 28 November 2019, at 8.30 pm Théâtre Princesse Grace

Between 1987 and 1989, following the success of her autobiographical novel "L’Amant" ("The Lover"), Marguerite Duras gave a series of interviews, some of them with Leopoldina Pallotta della Torre, an Italian journalist with La Stampa. The author spoke freely about her life, her works, her glory, politics and passion, opening up as never before and discussing every part of her life. Published once in Italian, the dialogue was forgotten.

"For years, I had a social life and the ease with which I met people or spoke to them was reflected in my books. Until I got to know a man, and gradually, all of that mundanity disappeared. It was a violent love, very erotic, stronger than me, for the first time."

Marguerite DURAS

Marguerite Duras, played by Fanny Ardant, was born and spent her entire childhood in Vietnam. Author of numerous autobiographical novels, plays, the screenplay of the film "Hiroshima mon amour" produced by Alain Resnais, militant in her opposition to the war in Algeria, she also directed and starred in the 1977 film "Le Camion" ("The Truck"). The life of Marguerite Duras is presented here, with a script and direction that pay a fitting tribute to the great woman.

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Adapted and directed by Bertrand MARCOS
Production: Anstisthène / Théâtre de l’Oeuvre

Marguerite Duras: Fanny ARDANT
Journalist: Bertrand MARCOS

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Photo credits: Carole BELLAICHE