"Compromis" by Philippe Claudel with Pierre Arditi, Michel Leeb and Stéphane PezeratMonday 2 and Tuesday 3 March 2020, at 8.30 pm Théâtre Princesse Grace

Play: 1 hr 35 mins with no intermission

Two thirtysomething friends in an empty apartment. One (Pierre Arditi) is a mediocre actor, the other (Michel Leeb) a failed dramatist. The actor is selling his apartment, and has asked his friend to witness the signing of the sale agreement, to reassure the buyer, as although he writes terrible plays, he does have a reassuring face. That's his greatest quality. They await for the buyer to arrive. Incidentally, buyer? Or sucker? Anyway, as they wait, they chat. They trade compliments. They touch one another. They laugh. They make fun. And things gradually start to slide...

Directed by
Bernard Murat
Pierre Arditi, Michel Leeb and Stéphane Pezerat
Pascal Legros Organisation Théâtre des Nouveautés