Personal Assistance Services Fair (Salon des Services à la Personne)

At a time when the needs and consumption habits of its residents are changing, Monaco had to have its own "confex" (conference-exhibition) on the theme of personal assistance services
Thursday 20 September, Auditorium Rainier III

Over the years, personal assistance services have become a major issue.  Today, in France, no less than 4.5 million families use personal assistance services.  Aware of the economic and social implications, the Principality of Monaco had to have its own "confex" (conference-exhibition) on this subject.

This is a day in which professionals and individuals, whether visitors, exhibitors or speakers, can meet, discuss, share their experience, learn and help and advise each other, with a shared goal - a better quality of life, thanks to daily support in all areas!

Several lectures by renowned professionals will take place during the day.  The aim is to offer expertise, insights and experience in the personal assistance services sector, in order to inform and train participants in the specificities, issues and developments in the personal assistance services sector.