Solar tourist information kiosks!

Publication date: 12/08/2022
Since late July, visitors have been able to obtain information from our summer hosts and hostesses at a temporary solar kiosk. 

Providing visitors with all the information they need is great. Doing it from a solar-powered kiosk is even better!

The Monaco  Tourist & Convention Authority has decided to install eco-friendly kiosks known as "Cu Boxes" as part of a new initiative, with the Oceanographic Museum among the first to sign up. 

The "Cu Box" is designed to respect the environment in line with the strategy adopted by the Prince's Government, and generates real added value in terms of "sustainability, visibility, and attractiveness", explains Guy Antognelli, Director of the Tourist & Convention Authority.

In addition to being energy self-sufficient, the kiosk is also highly practical and can be easily moved from point A to point B as required. This summer, the "Cu Box" has been positioned in a strategic location, given the large numbers of visitors around the Oceanographic Museum, but could pop up in other tourist spots around the Principality in future years.