Princess Grace Academy

“To all hopeful young artists who cannot imagine a life away from the stage and the rehearsal studios, we bid a warm welcome.  May the Princess Grace Academy and Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo be for them a place of sharing, where they can forge memories of a happy youth dedicated to the learning and practice of dance”. Luca Masala, Artistic Director of the Princess Grace Academy  

The “Casa Mia”, a magnificent Belle époque style villa, was acquired by the Prince’s Government in 1975, on the wishes of the Princely Couple who wanted to create a prestigious professional training school where Marika Besobrasova could pass on her knowledge to students. Many personalities from the world of classical dance came to work there regularly, including Rudolf Nureyev, Eva Evdokimova, Marcia Haydée, and Yoko Morishita.
In 2009, H.R.H.  the Princess of Hanover, at the suggestion of Jean-Christophe Maillot, Choreographer and Director of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, appointed Luca Masala as Artistic Director of the Princess Grace Academy.  The aim is to bring the Academy, the Compagnie des Ballets de Monte-Carlo and the Monaco Dance Forum closer together, to accentuate the pre-professional aspect of the students’ education. Now, students aged between 13 and 18 from a variety of countries are able to familiarise themselves with the world of professional dance, meet prominent artists and enjoy a central place at the heart of the major cultural events in Monaco. It offers the students the chance to give real, practical meaning to their dreams.
The multi-disciplinary teaching includes dance classes, artistic education and traditional school lessons, suitably adapted for the different nationalities present. It is a considerable task, and to achieve it the Academy has put together a teaching staff made up of instructors and artists with international experience. The Princess Grace Academy enjoys a strong reputation for the quality of its teaching, and has established partnerships with prestigious institutions such as the Prix de Lausanne, where some of its students have shone. At the school itself, the students learn to become not just accomplished dancers, but well-rounded, cultured and inquisitive people.