Prince’s Palace

The Prince’s Palace in Monaco is a private residence, but the State Apartments are open to visitors for part of the year. 

The Palace has a long history and has been extended and renovated several times over the centuries. Its origins date back to the early thirteenth century – 1215 to be exact. Following a succession of transformations, the ancient Genoese fortress became one of the most luxurious residences of the seventeenth century, in a style extremely characteristic of the Louis XIV era.
Prince Honoré II assembled substantial collections of artworks here, which unfortunately disappeared during the French Revolution, when the Palace was looted and used as a hospital for troops from the Italian Army.

Today, it is possible to admire the splendours of the Palace, including: the Palace Chapel, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, the Hercule Gallery, the Mirror Gallery, the Red Room, the York Room, the Yellow Room or Louis XV Bedroom, and the Throne Room, as well as numerous frescoes, tapestries, and items of furniture.

The State Apartments  are not accessible by wheelchair, since they are accessed via staircases.


From 2 April to 30 June: 10 am to 5.15 pm. Palace closes at 6 pm.
From 1 July to 31 August: 10 am - 6.15 pm. Palace closes at 7 pm.
From 1 September to 15October: 10 am - 5.15 pm. Palace closes at 6 pm.

Duration: 30 minutes

Adults (18 years old and over): €10
Children (6-17 years old), Students (with school ID): €5
Adults group (20 persons minimum): €8 per person
Children group (20 persons minimum): €4 per person (Adult ticket price for every 10 children: €2)

Payment by cash, cheque or credit card. Pre-payment possible (but reimbursement non eligible).  

For more information about admission fees and combined ticket options (Prince’s Palace, Car Collection) : Admission

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